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Meet "Jewedy Garland" who is just the most perfect shade of Blueberry, a showstopper, a class act who prefers no place like home, you dont need to wish upon a star or find her somewhere over the rainbow,  she is here in my shed in Lichfield not Kansas or OZ so put the passport away!!!  

Collection critieria!:- Believe it or not our little Jewedy loves nowt more than a Steak & Kidney pie with a full fat Coca-Cola to wash it down with, these 2 strict rider items must be adhered to else theres no budging her! Her collection (WS13) vehicle of choice is a Mercedes 220E Cabrio, she isnt going to skip down any yellow brick road for anyone!

Jewedys stats:- 40cm high x 40cm wide, cute nose to pert peach 55cm and her little face is 7cm sq. all dims are approx.

Jewedy Garland

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