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This is "Baaaatholomew"

He is v v posh, went to boarding school and there is nothing he hasnt seen, he makes an amazing applepie bed and never snitches, Baaaartholomew is also the patron Saint of cheese! so he gets my vote!

But really he is a "Ewemoo" handmade footstool (Just dont tell him that!)

He is 40cm high and 40cm wide (Chonky)

Nose to Rear end 55cm

Face 7cm sq

(he is measured approx. )

Oak stained wood with a cotton twist body

Ok, please read this bit:-

There is NO way Baaaarty will get posted to you, he hates enclosed spaces, if you are going to commit then you have to COLLECT him from the sheep shed in Lichfield Staffs WS13 - 


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